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Simple Launcher for iPad (launch iMessage,Maps,SearchEngines,etc.)

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This app is simple & lightweight launcher for Safari, Mail, Messages, Maps and Search engines. It looks like Web Form.

( Search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Baidu, Naver, Yandex.
Searchable: Twitter, Facebook, App Store, iTunes Store, )

You can take Shortcut or remember Search Query, URL, Email, Address and Phone Number by using this.

*For iPhone: "Simple Launcher", "Simple Phone Launcher" (Free) - launch FaceTime,iMessage,Mail,Map,Safari,etc.


- Launch Safari, Mail, iMessage(iOS5), Maps and Search engines.
- When you launch those apps or tap "SAVE" Button, this app remembers Last Edit.

- [mobile / PC] for Search
- [To/ Cc/ Bcc] for Email

●Favorites & Recents
- When you launch those apps, this app adds Last Edit to the "Recents" list.
- You can add the word save the values to the "Favorites" list by tapping the "Star" button.
* Recents save the last 6 items, and you can save up to 6 items in the Favorites list.

●Send Input Values
- Email the values you input, Favorites or Recents.
(Tap app's upper right "ActionButton")

*Support URL :