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Paxos Checkup

iPhone / iPad
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  • Medical
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Paxos Checkup is DigiSight Technologies’ flagship technology for vision assessment. This system is designed to enhance the patient-physician connection and improve practice efficiencies. With Paxos Checkup, physicians can gather at-home visual function metrics from patients on an ongoing basis and generate datasets significantly larger than the standard of care. Physicians are able to monitor this vision data collected remotely by patients in real-time and receive notifications on changes in vision that may warrant evaluation, ultimately enabling physicians to enhance patient care.

The Paxos Checkup vision assessment system integrates Paxos Checkup, a physician-prescribed application, with the Paxos cloud-based portal for patient management.


Paxos Checkup is a physician-prescribed vision testing application that offers multiple standard vision assessments, including a clinically validated visual acuity test and a dynamic Amsler grid. The app enables patients to test their visual function at home on a smart device (supported iPod, iPhone, or iPad) and share their test results automatically and securely with their physicians.
With Paxos Checkup, the patient completes a prescribed sequence of vision tests on a mobile device of his/her choice. The data generated during testing is securely transmitted in real time to the Paxos cloud-based patient management system.
Examples of the Paxos Checkup app screens below show the splash screen, the home screen, the Visual Acuity test, digital Amsler test, and the doctor connect screen.


The Paxos platform enables the secure transmission and storage of patient information from DigiSight’s mobile tests to a cloud-based patient management system. Data generated by Paxos Checkup can be viewed on the cloud-based DigiSight portal. If there is a potentially significant change in patient vision, defined by a physician-configured threshold, the patient’s physician is notified by the system. The physician then assesses patient data on the Paxos platform and contacts the patient if follow-up is needed. The patient is also able to log in on the Paxos portal at to view his/her vision testing data.