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3D Lungs Pins

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The respiratory system:

Study the anatomy of the respiratory system, each and every one of its parts, function, activity and possible respiratory system diseases.

You can observe the respiratory system in all its angles, in 3D, digitalized, with each of its parts, pointing with pins.

By touching these pins, you can focusing specifically on that part of the respiratory system , with illustrations, graphics, photos and detailed information on that area of ​​the respiratory system anatomy.

We can rotate the respiratory system in all directions, by just drag your finger on the screen,
also you can be able to zoom in, or zoom out, to see specific parts, textures, colors, dimenciones and so on.

this type of medical applications, are focused to the branch of study, education and medicine in general, especially medical students, for schools, universities.

And in an interactive way, you will learn the body parts and human anatomy.

Of course, you can use within the family, kids, or friends to interact and learn.

We have a large and great repertoire of 3D applications, showing the different parts of the human body and its anatomy, which can be accessed and know by visiting our website:

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