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星期几What Day Is Today?

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Three Animations (Simplified Chinese; Traditional Chinese) & 5Q-Book (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese; Hanyu Pinyin)
“What Day Is Today?” mainly consists of three parts. The different characters in each part introduce daily life and recreation activities from Monday to Sunday. Each day of the week is narrated by sentences in the learning book “What Day Is Today?”, which are for children able to read aloud fluently. Children of all ages will benefit greatly from it.

We provide useful alternative vocabulary for new sentences; this can be used as extension learning.

Each volume of three parts includes one animation. Children can follow the characters’ funny body movements, and this will lead to a higher learning interest.

1. “What Day Is Today?” learning book (Illustrated audio book of 43 pages)
2. Animation 1 (Simplified animation of 36 seconds, Traditional animation of 36 seconds)
Animation 2 (Simplified animation of 35 seconds, Traditional animation of 35 seconds)
Animation 3 (Simplified animation of 35 seconds, Traditional animation of 35 seconds)

Age: Recommended for Grade 1 students.
Level: Helpful Chinese reading for basic level learners.
Characters: Contains 350 basic level Chinese characters

Animation (Simplified): Story animation with simplified Chinese subtitles.
Animation (Traditional): Story animation with traditional Chinese subtitles.
5Q-Book (Simplified): Illustrated audio book with simplified Chinese text with Hanyu Pinyin.
5Q-Book (Traditional): Illustrated audio book with traditional Chinese text with Hanyu Pinyin.
Word list: Chinese words with Hanyu Pinyin and English explanation.
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About Us
Reading Stories Anywhere Anytime
5QChannel has over ten years of experience in Chinese learning content development, and has published over 3,000 multimedia Chinese learning contents on the web. We specialize in using computer animation to transform classic Chinese literary works into captivating multimedia for the modern audience. Our products are educational in nature, and our aim is to help all readers around the world to read classic tales easily.
We understand the difficulties children have in reading these classics in their original form. By reinterpreting well-known classic stories and creating a new way of learning and studying with multi-media devices, we provide a means for people to watch animation anywhere and anytime. We create digital reading with animations and thus the concept “Watch Animations and Get to Know the Classics” is realized.