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NOTE: This is not a stand alone application. Authors need to setup an account through the Autography website to use our system. Please visit to get started.

Autography allows writers to personalize their ebooks for consumers.  In addition to their signature, authors can insert pictures with the fans taken at events.  Customized background pages can brand the writer, a book series, or a unique event.  Customers can  push the signature page up to Facebook or Twitter, promoting the writer and their book.

Autography’s technology works across all major eReader devices, so consumers are no longer ‘locked-in’ to a single device type.  Ebooks purchased for one device  can be moved if it is breaks, is stolen, or the consumer simply decides to move to another brand of eReader.  All of their signed, purchased books can be moved free of charge by the consumer or by contacting Autography.

No more hauling around boxes of books or tracking cash receipts.  No more weeks of advance notice to pull together an event.  Authors can now engage with their readers anytime, anywhere.  All of the logistics, inventory, delivery, purchasing, and cash management headaches of an event are handled through Autography’s back end servers.  Authors can meet readers anywhere and deliver a fun event on demand.