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Colorwise is an iOS color sampler. Colorwise can sample colors straight from the camera or from an image. The sampled color is displayed along with the color components converted into a variety of formats including RGB, HSB, CMYK, CMY, Lab, hLab and XYZ. Libraries of colors can also be used to assign colors appropriate names.

Sampled colors are stored in a list of swatches that can be exported in a variety of formats including Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) format that can be used in popular design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Color File (ACO) format as used by Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Color Book (ACB) format as used by Adobe Photoshop color libraries. Additional formats include a simple text format that can be edited from Colorwise and CSV (comma separated value) format which can be used in spreadsheet applications such as Numbers and Excel.

Colorwise can also import the same file types it can export. This makes it possible to import color palettes from several sources, including Photoshop.

Color libraries in compatible formats can be opened by Colorwise from other apps, including Mail, Safari and other apps that can send a file to compatible programs.

Send emails containing your swatches in any combination of an HTML table and compatible file attachments.

Use color libraries to match colors sampled by Colorwise. When a color is sampled, the closest color match in the library is used to provide the color with a name. Included are eight color libraries with over 4500 named colors.

A color picker is provided similar to those in popular color programs to create color swatches or modify colors.

To demonstrate the effect of color on the human eye two complimentary visual effects are included.

Feature List:

• Sample colors straight from camera
• Use either camera, torch, HD or SD camera options (if available)
• Sample colors from images
• Convert color samples to RGB, HSB, CMYK, CMY, LAB, hLAB and XYZ
• Display greyscale version of color
• Display closest color match from selected matching libraries
• Store colors as list of swatches
• Import and Export swatches as ASE, ACO, ACB, Text or CSV
• Email color libraries in any format, including HTML table
• Select from complimentary colors for a swatch, including triads, tetrads, monochromatic variations and analogous colors
• Color picker to create swatches or modify colors
• Complimentary color visual effect
• Help file including color formulas used


Colorwise is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 3.1.3 or later. However, depending on the iOS version and the device capabilities, some features may vary.

Capturing video directly from the camera is only available on devices that have a camera and running iOS 4 or later.

Importing and Exporting files to the documents folder is only available on devices running iOS 3.2 or later.

There are numerous other features involving interaction and user interface that vary depending on iOS version. It is highly recommended you update the iOS on your device to the latest Apple recommended iOS version.

As new operating systems become available, the minimum requirements may change. Future versions of this app may require a minimum of iOS 4.