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Foot Massage Guide for iPad

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To a lot of lifestyle-related diseases, the foot massage is an effective popular traditional therapy having about 5000 years history in China.

This is an application that guide you to massage your foot correctly by yourself, we hope this application can help you to improve your health.

1, Features:

1) Image.
The sole reflection zones are displayed in image, it is easy to remember. On starting screen you can find main zones in the sole by touching the screen. This screen also help you find the weak organs where you feel ache in massaging.

2) Animation.
All the reflection zones are shown with animation.
Touch the right menu icon, you can find the list of lifestyle-related diseases, touch the disease name, the related reflection zones will be shown with animation.

In this screen, there is a timer to help you master the time of massage.

3) Detail help.
Touch left help icon, you can find the contents about zone name, notice, massage method, and the organs name of corresponding reflection zone is also displayed.

You can touch the name to find the location of the zone on the sole map.

4) Music for relaxing you.

You can disable or enable the music by touching the middle sound icon.

2, The reflection zones of following diseases are included in this application.
(4)Tired eyes
(5)Worsening eyesight
(6)Bloodshot eyes
(7)Bags under the eyes
(10)Back pain
(15)Stomach ache / gastritis
(18)Cold sensitivity
(21)High blood pressure
(26)Common cold
(27)Behcet’s Disease
(28)Peptic ulcer
(32)Swollen hands, feet or face
(33)Low immunity
(34)Hay fever
(38)Low blood pressure
(39)Travel sickness
(40)Stiff shoulders
(41)Stiff neck

3, This application is supervised by Mr. WangLei who are qualified senior massager in hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
4, Supported language: English, Japanese, Chinese.