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InstaFrManager for Instagram

iPhone / iPad
  • Social Networking
  • Photo & Video
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!! Finding Ghosts and "Removing All"/"Unfollowing All" ghosts are newly added !!

InstaFrManager shows how much your friends liked your post and how many times they commented.

If you don't know who your supportive and non-supportive friends are,
If it's difficult to carefully view your supportive friends' posts due to the many posts by friends who are not interested in yours,
If it's difficult to know which users are following you back,

Use InstaFrManager !

InstaFrManager provides you with the following nice functions to help you manage your friends:

- Rankings of your friends who liked and commented on your post (recent 10, 20, 40 and 60 posts).

- The rankings are categorized into the following areas:
* All friends (followers, following)
* Followers
* Following
* Followers whom I don't follow
* Following who don't follow me
* Non-Friends

- Finding Ghosts who never liked and commented on your (10/20/40/60) posts.
* Ghost Follower whom I don't follow
* Ghost Follower
* Ghost Following who don't follow me
* Ghost Following

- "Remove All"/"Unfollow All" ghosts
* "Remove" breaks with an user by "blocking" and "unblocking". If a user followed you, the user does not follow you any more after "Remove".

- Follow/Unfollow

- Search

- Your relationship status

- Go to Instagram Page of a user

- Background Task
* A running task can be executed 10 minutes (the maximum execution time in iOS devices) in Background.
* Local notification is fired when 60/30/10 sec is left for the background execution.
* If a task is not completed in background, an alert is shown when InstaFrManager is launched next time.

* Developer Instagram ID: @gmystudio

** Special Thanks **
@minyk @sardinha17 @xxxdyjorxxx_gf @bi9lee @zero921 @_maru__
allowed me to use their profile. And they are my good friends as you can see.

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