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Divide it up: puppies.

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•Use a dividing tool to make equal shares of biscuits and toys in a pet shop. For example, share 34 biscuits equally between 6 puppies. Predict how many items each puppy will get, or how many packets can be filled. Check your prediction. Decide what to do with any leftovers. Complete a sentence describing the number operations. This learning object is one in a series of five objects.

Key learning objectives

•Students model division as both sharing and grouping (repeated subtraction).
•Students interpret remainders (as whole numbers or fractions) in relation to the context of a problem.

Educational value

•Models problems involving sharing division and grouping division (repeated subtraction).
•Provides a framework for students to make and test predictions.
•Introduces remainders expressed as a fraction instead of a whole number.
•Tests interpretation of number sentences by getting students to restate conclusions.

Year level
4; 5