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Talking Dino.

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•Design a talking dinosaur to present at show and tell. Create your dinosaur by selecting from a range of elements such as mood, size and colour. Choose a voice and background picture for your dinosaur. Decide on a name that suits your talking dinosaur. Select a note about your dinosaur. Watch the animation. You can change your design as many times as you like. Evaluate the impact of your design by using icons and selecting a comment. This learning object is one in a series of six objects.

Key learning objectives

•Students combine a range of graphic and audio elements to create a presentation of a talking dinosaur.
•Students evaluate how changes they make to the elements affect the impact of the presentation.

Educational value

•Models processes used by designers of digital content to prepare presentations.
•Simulates a digital environment enabling students to create a presentation.
•Allows students to explore and manipulate graphic and audio elements such as mood, size, position, colour, expression and voice.
•Promotes students' skills in evaluating and commenting on the effectiveness of presentations.
•Includes an option to print the students' presentation.
•Facilitates modelling and class participation via an interactive whiteboard. For example, strong colours and clear graphics are easily visible in a classroom setting.

Year level 0; 1