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Stop and Go! HD Free

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"Once again Shortstack has done a great job connecting with this age group and creating an app that’s fun and perfectly suited to their attention spans and interests... a terrific app for toddlers and young preschoolers." (about the full version of Stop and Go!)

"This INSTANTLY became my toddler son's favorite app!"
-mommyowl (about the full version of Stop and Go!)

"I wanna play the cars one!"
- Leela, age 3

Stop and Go! teaches toddlers and preschoolers about different kinds of cars and trucks. They can operate a stoplight, or touch the cars to make them stop and go, learning more about each along the way. Watch your kids be more curious about cars on the road after playing Stop and Go!

This free version of the beautifully illustrated app comes with 3 different vehicles, each with a custom animation.

There's also a second layer of interactivity that let's kids explore the environment:

• Make it day or night by making the sun set and moon rise. See the cars by day, dusk, night and dawn.
• Make it rain.
• Turn the house lights off and on.
• Make the fire hydrant spew water.
• (and more!)

Enjoy the free version, or upgrade to the full version for $0.99, which comes with 12 vehicles and a Spanish version.

The app was designed with child development milestones in mind, and has a toddler friendly interface that lets kids navigate on their own while learning new vocabulary. You can change the language to English or Spanish in the settings menu.

Justin Goldwater, the illustrator for Stop and Go! has exhibited his art across the US and internationally, both solo and with the Austin based art collective Okay Mountain. Learn more about Justin, the app, and Shortstack on

Coloring sheets available on the Stop and Go! page of shortstack's website.

Disclosures for Parents

Shortstack cares about children and respects your privacy. This app does not collect any data, have push notifications, or ads. It does however have a text only "upgrade" button that appears when the game is over. There's also a "play again" button with an image of the stop light on it. This free version is intended as a demo of the full version so that families can try it together before deciding whether or not to purchase the full version.