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I am not scared

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6-year old Thijn is scared. Scared of ghosts, dragons and skeletons. Afraid of thunderstorms and  scary pictures. Because Thijn found it difficult to talk about his fears, his mother Beryl asked him if he would like to draw all the things he was scared of.  Thijn was happy to do so. And now, Thijn is 9 years old  and no longer scared. But there was one thing still bothering him. Because what about all these other kids who were still scared of ghosts and sharks? And that is how the idea about making this app started...

An app for all children who are scared of something, that lets you put behind bars the burglars drawn by Thijn. An app that lets you collapse
skeletons, and chase away monsters. This app will open up communication with your child, as children find it easier to talk about their fears when they know they are not the only ones who are scared. Download this app and let your child chase away his or her fears by shaking, tapping and swiping...