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Centering Practice - Leadership Embodiment

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Based on Leadership Embodiment’s executive training programs, this app helps recover your “center” and provides a way to align your energy and your attention. It’s designed to fit the most demanding schedules, and be accessible in the most important moments. In the course of 20 seconds or less, this app will guide you back to your optimal state with techniques from Leadership Embodiment. The app uses a simple and accessible practice that, when repeated daily, can begin to develop a more focused and effective leadership presence.

Note: formal training with Leadership Embodiment is not required to benefit from this application, although it greatly enhances its use. People who have used it without prior training initially report the “centering” process as too fast. After continued use the same people generally report getting the hang out of its efficiency towards returning to center and receive the intended benefit from its use.

Leadership Embodiment
Leadership Embodiment draws on the traditions of Aikido - a revolutionary non-aggressive martial art and mindfulness practice to offer simple yet deep techniques that help you recognize how your mind and body habitually react to pressure, and to access more skillful and unified responses. This app compliments the Leadership Embodiment technique of Centering. You may use this app if you have not receive the training although it may be helpful to learn the basics from the About section of the app or visit the Leadership Embodiment website to learn more.
Features included in app:

2 Modes - Choose 20 second or 5 second Centering practices
Illustrations - Fully illustrated steps to help visualize and create imprint
Audio - Listen to Wendy Palmer guide the 20, 5, and extended Centering practices
Set Reminders - set up to 5 daily reminders to help maintain the practice and train
Customization - Choose a personal Quality image from the archive that resonates with you.

What people have said:

"I've used the methods that I learned in Leadership Embodiment every single day, and they've quietly transformed the way that I deal with the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in my life – at work and at home."

- Chris Grant, founder of 14A Conversations

"Working with Leadership Embodiment has had a direct and profound impact in both my personal and professional life. The ability to "center" and "rebalance" has been invaluable as I grow our business through uncharted waters. These new skills have played a key role in both my home and work success."

- John L. Hall, Senior Vice President, Oracle University

"The LE work has given me tools to handle stress, pressure and conflict in my life and at work with more compassion and ease. I appreciate how these techniques allow me to interact with others without taking things personally. This practice supports me in meeting the fast pace demands of my career with more humor and precision. I will be forever grateful having had the opportunity to incorporate this work into my daily routine."

- Michelle Gale Head of Leadership & Employee Development, Twitter and Beyond Insight, Coaching & Consulting