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I love anime!
I want to be a voice actor of longing!

However, but it is not know what to do.
Where they would like to recommend is "afureko! AR".

It is possible to record your voice to match the animation video and audio high degree of perfection, so you can taste the feeling of professional voice actor.
The recorded sound, you can hear later. So, you can understand objectively also improvements.

You might get impressed by your voice of flowing to match the video and audio in earnest.
Let's be the voice actors dream to practice fun!

This applocation will record a voice-over and voice sound to be played back with the built-in microphone.

Dubbing only sound will be recorded When you wearing earphones, headphones.

I ask you to record while playing in the built-in speakers when you enjoy it.


Naomi(JP Name Saori) got into a dubbing school to escape her “Neet” life.
She’s going to meet Miki, a former nurse, and Elena(JP Name Ayano), a young Idol
All 3 wish to become dubbing actresses

Saori Hiraga (CV. Asami Imai)
:Until she graduated from the high school, she was a president of student government and a captain of the drama club. But she failed university entrance examinations and this was her first setback. Before that, she was cheerful, brightness and a person who lead her friends and acquaintances. But because of two years NEET life, her character changed to negative.
Her brother and parents who worried about Saori advanced preparation of entrance into the voice actor technical college. The day before entrance ceremony, Saori was taken out forcibly by brother and parents and started community life with her younger brother employed in Tokyo.
Contrary person. So someone says, ”You can’t do ” her motivation comes out.

Ayano Seto (CV.Tomomi Sakamoto)
:Ayano entranced into the voice actor technical college after graduated high school.
She wants to be idol. During elementary school and junior high school, she had tried to auditionmany times but failed. Singing and dancing capacities are modestly. No experience of acting.

Miki Takigawa (CV.Saori Mizukoshi)
Although she had employed once, she couldn’t forget her dream and decided to entrance into the voice actor technical college. She is poor at asserting oneself, but wants to be voice actor from a bottom of the heart.
In three central characters she looks youngest.
She is good at voice impersonation so her performance looks superior in three central characters.

・Playback original animation.
・Choose characters and postrecording.
・Make and play voice synthesis animation.
・Save the movie to camera roll.
・Voice actor information.
・Commercial movie.

Original work: ardelta
Director and screenwriter: Tsukasa Sakurai.
Audio director: Akito Aoki.
Producer: AoP.
Tomokazu Shimokawa.
Ryuuhei Matsunaga.
Technical director: Jin Tamamura.
Color design: Haruko Nobori.
Art and Storyboard: Hiroshi Hara.
Character design: Masase Komine.
Music: Syushi Katayama.
Edit: Taishi Etou.
3D Designer: Michizou Nakazawa.