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The Aldrich Handbook of Fine Chemicals for iPad

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The Aldrich Handbook of Fine Chemicals for your iPad®!

The Aldrich Handbook dates back to 1951, when it was a single page document featuring 1-methyl-3-nitro-1-nitrosoguanidine (MNNG), a Diazomethane precursor, as its first product. Sixty years later, we are pleased to introduce the first iPad version of our catalog, featuring an expanded list of over 41,000 chemical products, extensive chemical and physical data, and over 33,000 chemical structures.

The Aldrich Handbook for iPad includes:
* Convenient alphabetical browsing of chemical substances in list or grid view
* Substance pages with key technical properties, chemical structures, and links to corresponding products on for additional information
* Ability to search by product name, synonym, CAS number, and product number with alphabetically returned results
* Handy reference information: Periodic Table of Elements, Organic Ring System and Numbering, Pressure-Temperature Nomograph, Metric Conversion Table, Multiples of Element Weights, Fundamental Physical Constants, Particle Size Conversion Table, Table of Atomic Weights, Wire Gauge Conversion Chart, and more.
* A copy of the latest alchemist cover art for your photo library that can also be used as your iPad wallpaper

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