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Cearch is not just an app, but a technology. Cearch is a suite of mobile capabilities that includes Tracking, Places, and Events. The overall suite provides a tool for your social and family lifestyle.

All apps use the patented Cearch Navigation, which provides on-demand, real-time, and continuous tracking of the person, place, or event of interest. The application’s patented features provide improved position accuracy and unique compass like Arrow guidance to your target of interest. The Cearch Arrow always points in the direction of your target and relays the corresponding distance to and subject speed if any. This feature is crucial when trying to find a child, friend, or even a pet in off-road locations such as parks, amusement facilities, ski resorts, beaches, and so on where a map visual is not helpful enough.

Cearch Tracking allows a user to track their own location and use the app as a compass. When expanded to a “Premium” service, Cearch provides mobile-to-mobile as well as computer/web to mobile tracking of your contact’s wireless devices. Use cases include finding children, family, friends, coworkers, pets, vehicles, and so on. Additionally, Cearch Tracking can support VOIP internet calls to the app contacts by registering for the service with iConnectHere. The system gives users full privacy control, allowing users to define who can find them and in what conditions. Any location information is transactional between the parties involved. The system does not monitor or maintain any user locations.

Cearch Places is a social and travel tool to store locations and description of places you are at or intend to visit. Use Cearch Navigation to find saved locations such as restaurants, bars, hotels, or even where you parked your car.

Cearch Events lets you create and send highly customized invitations to contacts and groups. Invitation customizations can include an image, audio clip, and a 15 second Tout video, which can be recorded by the host. Users can send and receive RSVPs, and find events using Cearch Navigation.

While Cearch mostly uses battery power when it is being actively tracked or used, “continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”