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#1 Game app in Germany, Austria
#2 Game app in Switzerland, Luxembourg

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) , iPod touch (5th generation) and all iPad versions

Game Description:

Challenge other drivers for a match of football (soccer) in this new car game! 

There are three games modes: "CHAMPIONSHIP", "QUICK MATCH" and finally "MULTIPLAYER"

"CHAMPIONSHIP" game mode


You have to press "PLAY" button to play championship.

And you can also press "CONTINUE" button for to continue your last championship game.

Also if you close the game or restart your device, you will be able to continue your last championship game.

There are 32 different countries and 3 different fields.

As you win the matches and continue to the championship, opponents are getting harder!!!

"QUICK MATCH" game mode


It is only a one match of challenge.

And there are four difficulty level: "EASY" , "NORMAL" , "HARD" and "INSANE"

You can choose your country and your opponent country as you wish.

 All countries has the same power.

"MULTIPLAYER" game mode


You can play against players from all over the world. WIFI connection is prefered for this mode.

You can create game and wait for others to join to your game or join other waiting games. You can send emotions to your opponents and chat after the match finishes.


Small CUP
field size : 40m x 25m
half time: 2.5 minutes
team cars: 2 cars

Medium CUP
field size : 80m x 50m
half time: 3 minutes
team cars: 3 cars

field size : 160m x 100m
half time: 3.5 minutes
team cars: 4 cars

While playing the game you can change the car, change the camera (side view and car view cameras), and replay the last goal at any time.

You can adjust the power of shoot and pass by keeping your finger on the "SHOOT" and "PASS" button respectively.

There are 5 different cameras for the replays, press the related camera button to watch the last goal from other view.

You can see the control details of your car by pressing "?" (help) button any time.