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Frozen Hell

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Frozen Hell is the first enhanced book to describe the dramatic early battles of the Second World War between the Soviet Union and Finland in the winter of 1939-1940. This unique interactive book includes stunning photographs and film material that demonstrate how the small nation of Finland overcame an enemy many times bigger in unbearably cold conditions.
Frozen Hell focuses on the legendary Battle of Raate Road, providing a step by step account of the fighting with a wealth of information about events during the battle and its aftermath. The battle marked the turning point in the war between Finland and Soviet Union, and it had a decisive effect on Finland’s ability to remain independent. Dramatic photographs and authentic film material bring the era and the events of the Battle of Raate Road to life as never before.
The book includes detailed maps describing the course of the fighting, and all the film clips are subtitled in English. The text has been translated directly from the contents of the original best-selling book in Finnish.
“The Battle of Raate Road is well known and often referenced in military history, and it continues to interest people all over the world. This particular battle is often used in many military schools as an example of defeating an enemy far greater in numbers and equipment,” explains the author and historian Mika Kulju.

- Military power meter indicating the relative fighting strengths of the adversaries as the battle progressed
- Thermometer indicating the temperatures of the “Frozen Hell” that the soldiers were forced to withstand
- Over 70 outstanding original photographs of the battle and war loot
- Video clips totalling 30 minutes
- Archive documentary videos from 1939 to 1940 subtitled in English
- Colour maps describing the course of the fighting
- English translation of the original bestseller published in Finland
- And much more