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English - German Travel Phrases

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The perfect app for everyone who is planning on visiting Germany for a holiday or vacation.

Our English - German Travel Phrases app is the ideal companion for your trip to Germany. It contains over 130 useful travel phrases that will be of great help to you during your stay in Germany.

Each section of the app contains high quality audio of English and German phrases, allowing you to easily hear and repeat the various travel phrases in German. You will also be able to see the spellings of each phrase.

The English - German Travel Phrases app is broken down into 4 sections ...

1) Basic Travel Phrases
This section includes phrases such as Good morning, How are you, Please can you help me, Do you speak English and many other basic phrases.

2) Travel Phrases
This section includes phrases such as Where is the train station, How much does it cost, Where is the closest Metro station, I am lost and many other useful travel phrases.

3) Dining / Shopping Phrases
This section includes phrases such as Do you know a good restaurant, I have a reservation, I am a vegetarian, Where can I find a gift shop and many other useful dining and shopping phrases.

4) Medical Phrases
This section includes phrases such as I need a doctor, I am a diabetic, I do not fell good, It hurts here, I feel sick and many other useful medical phrases.

Each section also has a video clip that takes you through all of the phrases you will learn in each section.

As well as Germany, the German language is spoken in a number of countries including ...
Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Slovakia,

This is the ideal app for all travellers who are planning on visiting Germany or any other German speaking countries. It will be an extremely useful tool if you need to communicate with local people during your stay.