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BallAHolic HD

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Uberhero says buy BallAHolic instead of BallAHolic HD. BallAHolic turned to a universal app and therefore BallAHolic HD is only needed for the nice people that purchased it in the past so they can reinstall it!


UBERHERO - beloved friend, attractive, admired by millions, made out of steel, loves frozen peperoni pizza, women want him, men want to be like him and some men even want him too... long story short, THE role model of our generation finally arrived on iOS.

Unfortunately, a small accident - nothing serious - has brought him into an uncomfortable situation. Uberscientists have worked hard to find a way to communicate with UBERHERO and bring him back to our world.

Now it's your turn! Get up! Prepare for an incredible journey! Leave your lousy life behind and become a hero yourself. Of course not an UBERHERO, that would be beyond your capabilities. But if it makes you happier consider yourself as the chosen one... alone at home... when nobody's watching. Well, back to the topic.

YOU are UBERHERO's last chance to guide him out of this mess!

On your journey you will discover

✯ 59 stunning balls make you wanna scream
✯ 2 brand new ADDICTIVE ARCADE MODES: Infinite | 66.6
✯ true 3D GRAPHICS you have never seen before
✯ brand new AMBIENT OCCLUSION lighting system
✯ mean monsters whose sole purpose is making your life very hard down there

Get ready for a new gaming experience!

✯ 3 different game controls using every single feature an iPad provides
✯ AWESOME GYROSCOPIC game controls - move around in 360 degrees for a totally new way to play
✯ TILT your device or SWIPE on the multitouch display to experience the 3D world
✯ PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE - worry about other things! Play in your preferred orientation or change it while playing
✯ use your brain to solve tricky puzzles and complete strategic levels
✯ destroy everything that stands in your way back from this hell!

BallAHolic provides

✯ highly varying level structures unifying different genres into one game
✯ amazing 3D menu with real time lighting for a new way of navigating
✯ Meteors, snowflakes, bubbles - the 3D particle system will make you wonder 'how the hell did they do that?'

Will it be hard? Yep.
Will you get any reward? Nope.
Will you wake up at night bathed in sweat from evil nightmares caused by BallAHolic? Sure.
Will pure love triumph over evil in a dramatic battle? Definitely, absolutely... not!

So why should you do that?

In dark times, when world hovers over the abyss and all hope seems to vanish, when men are reminded of bravery and honor, when the human race has to rise against oppression and fight for our freedom, when destiny calls... bla bla bla! JUST DO IT!

✯ Good luck! ✯