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PICK Chart

  • Productivity
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PICK chart is an important tool of Six Sigma(6σ).Pick chart is an idea generation tool that can be used successfully for Quality improvement and/or Productivity improvement plans.
Possible ideas can be implemented after arranging the resources(man,money,material etc.). Implement(Just Do It) ideas have to be implemented immediately. Challenge ideas can be taken up for further development.Kill ideas may be rejected or taken up for further study.
There are four text boxes named Possible, Implement, Challenge and Kill.Hit each text box and enter improvement ideas as per their difficulty & pay off nature.Hit Improvement Plan text box(top),give a name to the Improvement plan and hit save.Hit menu > Plans List and select a saved improvement plan to view and edit the ideas.Hit menu > New Plan to prepare a new improvement plan.Hit menu > Summary to view the summary of active improvement plan.
The PICK chart can be moved(panned) up/down.