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The iConx electronic health record (EHR) user interface provides a native iPad interface for your existing NextGen EHR. iConx interfaces with the NextGen database, reads only the information you need and presents that information to you on the iPad.

The iConx user interface is custom designed to enhance your workflow and patient interaction. The innovative, icon driven timeline employs multitouch gestures to allow easy navigation through your data. The timeline presents medical information in a chronological, interactive manner that assures you won’t miss important clinical information filed deep in your EHR database.

Vital information is available directly on the home screen, with more detailed information a single tap or multitouch gesture away.

You can document directly on the iPad using a voice recording function or using Nuance Speech recognition, all while navigating the patient chart.

The scribble pad allows you to take notes during the patient visit and save them to your EHR in a custom data field for later access. A series of blank templates are available or you can easily design and import your own sheets that match the needs of your specific practice.

The iConx EHR user interface requires a connection to a middle tier database to function.