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Fractions - by Brainingcamp

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"The most comprehensive fractions app I've seen. This app should be in every classroom!" --
"If you have a student or child that has difficulty with fractions then this is the app for you." --

Everything you need for teaching and learning: (1) Narrated lesson (2) Practice questions (3) Virtual manipulative (4) Challenging game

1. Fractions Introduction
2. Equivalent Fractions
3. Common Denominator
4. Comparing and Ordering Fractions
5. Adding and Subtracting Fractions
6. Multiplying Fractions
7. Dividing Fractions

▪ Lesson with visual models and audio narration to make abstract concepts concrete
▪ Questions to practice what was learned
▪ Virtual manipulative for hands-on discovery learning
▪ Challenge game to interactively apply understanding
▪ Alignment with state and Common Core standards
▪ Suitable for ages 9-14