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Meetup Friends

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'Meetup Friends' provides members of with quick and easy access to pictures of members attending your Meetup events.
Meet someone yesterday at a Meetup event that you want to tag as a friend? Now you can!
Tag members as your friends and then easily see if your friends are attending future events.
With it's logical and intuitive interface, you can now keep up to date with what's happening across all your groups in a quick and easy way.

* MeetupFriends uses the API but Meetup Inc. does not endorse nor sponser MeetupFriends and we are not affiliated in any way with Meetup Inc.

Once installed - run the app and login to You will see a list of your upcoming and recent Meetups.
Tap an event to see members attending that event. Tap a member to tag them as a friend.
Friends are highlighted and sorted to the top in this Meetup and future Meetup events.

* Easy to use - logon and go!
* Shows yesterdays and upcoming Meetup Events from all of your Meetup Groups.
* Quickly shows pictures of all members attending your Meetups, highlighting members that you have tagged as your friends.
* Tag members as a friend with a star-rating of 1-5.
* Logon with Oauth (most secure way of logging into Meetup - does not store Userid/pw on this device)

-Other information
* Feedback and support:
* Follow us: or @meetupFriends
* Find us:

* MeetupFriends requires a member account on in order to function.
* MeetupFriends is compatible with all versions of iPad with iOS 3.1.2 or later.
* MeetupFriends requires an Internet connection.
* Current version does not sync data across devices.
* Some photos take longer to load than others as member's photo sizes vary greatly.