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World of Choices

iPhone / iPad
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To celebrate the successful release of this application and in appreciation for all of your downloads, we will be putting this app on SALE!

That's right, download now and you can unlock the entire suite for just $.99!!! Hurry, this sale won't last forever.

Ever needed help making a decision? Can't make up your mind where you want to eat tonight? Not sure what dress to wear? How about which of the kids will wash the dishes tonight? Looking for something that will make a great party game?

World of Choices is a suite of 8 different apps that let you leave some of life's decisions to fate. With it's richly designed and intuitive interface, World of Choices let's you put a fun and colorful twist on making a choice. Leave your decision up to a coin toss, the spin of a wheel, or the drop of a ball on a peg board. You can draw slips of paper from a hat or let the winner of a horse race determine your destiny:

Coin Toss - With a flick of the wrist or a tap on the screen the user sends an ultra-realistic coin into action allowing heads or tails to decide the user's fate.

Mysteries of the Black Pearl - Ask the pearl a question, shake the screen, and watch your answer appear before your very eyes.

Spin Your Fate goes deep into the bowels of the earth to use an ancient wheel of unknown origin. Give it a quick spin with your finger and watch as the great wheel reveals your choice. Supports up to 8 variables.

The Slots of Choices app let's you press your luck in true Las Vegas style. Give the 3 reels of our slot machine a spin with the press of a button and let Lady Luck handle the rest. Supports up to 8 variables.

The Draw From a Hat app puts a high tech twist on a traditional method of making a decision. Place crumpled slips of paper into a hat and draw from it to make your decision(s). The Draw From a Hat micro app even keeps notes on the order of the draw. Supports up to 8 variables.

The Peg the Answer app launches you into deep space to make your decision. Position the lunar claw, release it's grip, and watch as a ball falls through a maze of pegs that float in space into the laser receptacles below. Supports up to 8 variables.

The Answer Lab app lets you take a mad scientist's approach to making a choice. Put on your lab coat and goggles, hit the switch, and watch as the latest creation from our lab makes your decision. Supports up to 8 variables.

The Off to the Races app lets you take your decision making to the horse track. Watch as our thoroughbred horses make a mad dash to the finish line to help decide your fate. Supports up to 8 variables.

Each micro-app generates totally random answers and no two apps operate the same way. Several of the apps allow the user to provide up to 8 different items they are choosing between. Choice groups can also be saved and reloaded for easy retrieval.

With this exciting application, you get the first three apps for free. You can then upgrade to the other 5 for only $.99 cents each or $1.99 for the entire suite!

In addition to a decision assistance tool, World of Choices makes for a great party game! Get up to eight of your friends together and have a blast.