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What’s “sleevefacing”? -- At some point in your life, you probably picked up a record album (yes, that big cardboard square with a vinyl disc inside) featuring the artist’s head and held it up to your face for a laugh. Congratulations – you’re one of millions to embrace the art of sleeve facing!

The Sleevefacer app for iOS lets you create your own sleevefaces on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, using the albums in your device's iPod library, albums from iTunes, or album art in your device's Photos library.
(1) Select some album artwork.
(2) Adjust the album cover in the live camera view – move it, pinch it, rotate it.
(3) Snap a photo.
Your photos are saved directly to your Camera Roll, where you can share them with friends using email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and others.

It’s a whole new way to look at music!


-- Select album artwork from several convenient locations: search your device's iPod library, our Favorites list of popular / classic sleeve facing albums, several lists at the online iTunes Store, or your Photos library.
-- Add items from the online lists to your own "My Favorites" list, a convenient place to save albums for future photo taking, or shopping on the iTunes Store.
-- When browsing for album artwork in your device's Photos library, select a photo and crop it square. Yes, this means you can use photos of your record album covers, 8-track tape covers, cassette cases or CD cases. Capture the album art from your vintage collection, and then sleeveface them!
-- If you find album artwork in one of the app's online album lists, that you’d like to sleeveface and don’t currently own, click the “Download on iTunes” button to buy the album, or at least a song. After the download is complete, you’ll be able to select the album cover from your device's iPod library anytime you’d like.
-- When taking pictures, you can adjust the transparency of the album artwork, making it easier during camera preview to help line it up with the live setting. Tap the Utilities/Settings icon in the camera preview, then use the slider to adjust the transparency of the album cover. The saved photo will have a normal, opaque album cover.
-- To be sure you get the alignment just right, snap multiple photos once you get things lined up. Then tap the thumbnail button (most recent photo) to go directly to the Camera Roll to view your photos.
-- Sleevefacer supports both the regular rear-facing camera, and also the front-facing camera (on devices with this feature) for sleeveface self-portraits. For self-portraits, the album art is mirrored, so that text on the album matches any text on your shirt/etc... and it's all mirrored back to normal in the saved photo.
-- Directly share your sleevefaces using email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or to apps like Instagram.