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Pinyin Bubble

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Pinyin is an indispensable tool for many foreigners to learn the Chinese pronunciation. It is the foundation of literacy and the premise for reading.

“Pinyin Bubble” is designed to help people learn Pinyin through phonetic exercises. It breaks away from the conventional way of teaching Chinese Pinyin, which is boring and time-consuming. This app enables users to learn happily and efficiently.

This app is divided into two modules: Pinyin Learning and Pinyin Game. Pinyin Learning module provides a Pinyin chart to help users master the proper pronunciation; Pinyin Game module enables users to reinforce their Pinyin knowledge through the process of playing a spelling game.

Specifically, this app has the following features:
1. Train both Chinese tones and Pinyin “initials” and “finals” sounds, to help you distinguish between commonly-confused words
2. Great interaction , appealing interface and fun game modes bring you the best user experience in Pinyin learning
3. All possible combination of sounds in the Chinese language included
4. High quality voice file, all recorded by Chinese language teachers

For our loyal users and new friends who have given us your support and trust, we will continue to improve product quality, as well as diversify and expand our products to meet various needs.