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MetaTalkDE is the German language version of MetaTalk - the vocabulary and voices are in German only.

MetaTalk is a symbol-based application for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). It allows users without or with limited voice capabilities to communicate. MetaTalk is preconfigured with three rich vocabularies - you can start immediately. Individual customizations are easy and always possible. Pages with characters allow the transition to text-based communications.

MetaTalk is based on METACOM symbols which are known for their clarity and professional design. MetaTalk provides rich vocabularies and flexible grammatical structures with word forms for most terms. A simple structure allows beginners - and relatives without special AAC training - to learn and grow over time.


• Three vocabularies preconfigured with different sizes and content
• About 2000/1500/1000 words and phrases in MetaTalkDE 5x9/ MetaTalkDE 4x7/ MetaTalkDE 3x5
• structure easy to understand
• German vocabulary for daily use including popular phrases
• theme-based categories with core vocabulary, phrases, and related questions for fast interactions
• most-used items always visible: "I would like", "There is", "More", "Not" (configurable)
• pronouns ("I","you","he",…) and people ("Mother", "Father",…) are automatically linked with the correct verb forms ("go", "goes", etc.).
• phrases and questions to initiate a conversation: "My name is"/"what is your name", "I like"/"what do you like"
• project page(s) at school
• day planner for mornings and afternoons
• page with talk-buttons for recorded messages
• Long-Press function (optional) skips the pronouns and links directly to the corresponding verb form

• Metacom 7 symbol library
• Preconfigured word forms for adjectives, nouns, and pronouns are selected by ending, verb forms are chosen by pronoun and tense (optional)


• Use “long press” to show popup with word forms (4x7 and 5x9 vocabularies). Enable/Disable in settings.
• Color coding for word types with customizable color scheme. Enable/Disable in settings.
• synthesized speech (iOS and Acapela) with male and female voices in German. Additional voices (children and adult) available for purchase.
• talk-buttons for recorded messages
• customize each key with text and photos from the photo album or the iPad camera (>iPad2)
• add symbols and texts from our library simply by dragging
• rearrange keys on each page or create new pages
• select a color for keys; define your own colors
• keys and pages can be hidden
• pages and vocabularies can be created, duplicated, renamed, deleted, exported and imported
• create different vocabularies for different users
• import, export, and backup of pages and complete vocabularies using mail, Airdrop, Dropbox and other applications (when available)
• optional touch delay to prevent multiple touches on same key
• all editing functions are passcode protected