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iChest Xrays

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Introducing the iPad edition of Medical Student Apps: Chest Xrays - iChest Xrays.

Medical Student Apps iChest Xrays is an essential application for medical students at all levels of study. The application contains two core learning areas: The Learning Zone and the Exam Zone. You can access these once the application has loaded by swiping the screen from right to left.

In the Learning Zone you can review the basic science of taking a chest radiograph and learn a very simple mnemonic that will help you interpret chest X-rays. You can also review high-yield radiological presentations and learn key terminology.

In the Exam Zone you can test your interpretative skills on over 100 high resolution chest radiographs, with illustrated and annotated answers.

Put simply, this application teaches you an easy pneumonic that can be applied to interpret chest X-rays and provides you with over 100 high-resolution images to test your interpretative skills. It contains key radiological presentations that are commonly examined in clinical and preclinical exams.

Key Summary:

1) Over 100 high-resolution images that contain illustrated and annotated pathology so you can see the abnormalities clearly on the chest X-rays.

2) High-yield radiological presentations giving you the key facts that you need to make radiological diagnoses.

3) Key facts & principles about the basic science of X-rays.

4) Provides 2 video tutorials for rapid review of key facts and principles.