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The powerful Conjugate engine has been released on IPad. Originally developed with the PL/I language it has been ported to Objective-C to take advantage of the IOS operating system. 25,000+ pages contained on one portable device makes this a unique program for studying Latin verb conjugation.

The program can conjugate 5186 Latin verbs and includes a huge amount of information to help you study and learn.

Program output includes:

Full conjugation - Up to 150+ verb forms per conjugation
Short English definition
Reference notes
Related English words
Compound forms
Related Latin Modifiers ie. nouns, pronouns etc.
Related Latin verbs
Marked accents

Over 30,000 examples from Virgil and other authors:

Apuleius, Accius, Adagia, Appius, Caesar,
Cicero, Cornelius, Cato, Catullus, Calpurnius,
Columella, Curtius, Ennius, Florus, Gellius,
Horace, Juvenal, Livy, Lucan, Lucretius, Manilius,
Martial, Mela, Nepos, Ovid, Octavianus, Pliny,
Plautus, Publilius, Quintilian,Suetonius, Seneca,
Statius, Sallust, Silius, Terence, Tacitus and Tibullus.

Program Features include:

Full list of Latin verbs under your fingertips (5186)
Select a verb from the list to see related output.
View in html format or plain text.
Zoom to increase font size for easy viewing.
Print output with Airprint. 25,000+ pages.
Portrait and Landscape modes supported.
Conjugate a verb directly from the integrated search bar.