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EveryGame Redux

iPhone / iPad
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EveryGame Redux is free for its introduction! Get it while you can!

EveryGame Redux lets you play a wide variety of card and board games on your iPad (or iPhone / iPod Touch).

EveryGame Redux comes with many classics, like Backgammon, Chess, and Go. It also includes Eurogame inspired titles, like Cities of Calvino and Pirates Vs Ninjas. It even has card games, like Euchre and Cribbage.

While generic enough to support many types of games, EveryGame Redux doesn't skimp on game interfaces. You get a variety of useful features, from pieces snapping to spaces, to intuitive click gestures to flip cards or shuffle decks.

For games with hidden information, you can connect multiple iOS devices via Bluetooth, and keep your hands secret! If you don't have multiple devices handy, hands can instead be concealed in offscreen tabs.

You can save many states for each game, and restore them later to continue a game, or to playback and explore different moves.

However, EveryGame Redux doesn't provide any artificial intelligence to play against -- you'll need to find your own opponent. Unlike its predecessor, the set of games is locked, and new games may not be manually installed. However, we'll keep the updates coming, so you can expect new games regularly appearing with App Store updates!

What's included?

Castle Capers
Cities of Calvino
Pirates Vs Ninjas

User Submissions:
Fences (by Pokke)
Freez! (by Henry Lahore)
MuTorere (by Matt Morris)
My Apologies (by Mike Houser)
Slash-Ex-Oh (by Mike Gordon)
SpyMaster (by Steve DeWinter)

Card Games:
Playing Cards
Word Rare

Kids Games:
7 Inch Dash

Tic Tac Toe

General Utility: