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Constellation Secret

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[ Constellation Secret] ways to use the new estimates , combined with the sun and moon celestial run surround trajectory calculated the constellation of more detailed knowledge , as you uncover the secrets of the constellation , make you more aware of their character.

In fact, the vast universe twelve constellations have appeared as early as five thousand years ago, the Babylonians made ​​according to astrological calendar constellation seasons running , with its divination fate of the country and the people. According to the relationship being run soothsayers and stars, representing all aspects calculated fortune of his life .

Everyone is born , every one of the solar system planets , large or small , including different angles and distance from the sun , the moon , Venus , Jupiter, Mercury , Mars , Saturn, Neptune , Uranus, Pluto is running , so a significant impact ; each tablet planets and constellations corresponding to 12 into each other causal effect on some people's qualities are not the same when these planets running, everyone's behavior and fate also changes. ,

Secret constellation which includes:
1 Constellation basic information to let you know detailed information constellation.
2 Constellation Legend : We find the oldest constellations origin story for you.
3 constellation him / her: let you know more about what you want to know the things that ta .
4 Constellation love : you belong to resolve the constellation of people love the idea .
5 Love Pairing : you calculate how high your degree and his constellation fit.

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