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Meander Commander

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Arcade
  • Puzzle
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The enhanced dynamic maze game with a new approach! Tilt your way through maze levels in minimum time while avoiding being killed by Cyber-Brains! Gain power collecting as many points as possible, use the power to apply special moves!
- "a unique approach … Meander Commander makes refreshing improvements to this type of game" -

Notice: Progress is always saved in all game modes. To preserve a mode's saved progress when changing game modes, choose that game mode using the 'Game Mode' button. Use 'Settings'/'New Game' only if you want to initialize the new chosen mode! ('Game Mode' is placed more visibly in the main menu, starting with version 1.1.)

In a distant future, the Cyborg Overlord of the Metallic Empire has increasingly become the greatest threat to humanity. Humans have managed with great sacrifices to push him back to his last stronghold and it is your job to finally finish his centennial rule. But beware: the Overlord has surrounded its kernel in a series of intricate mazes, beautiful but deadly meanders. You have to solve all of them to liberate mankind. The Cyber-Brains are chasing your ship, but as you evolve to become the Meander Commander, you will be able to control the mazes and the ship in ways never seen before ...

The game combines logic, skill and a little amount of chance.
Puzzle: logic is required to plan and time your next moves and to foresee the consequences of altering the mazes.
Action-arcade: you need skill and speed to navigate the levels, to use your special powers and outrun your enemies.
Hazard: you cannot predict how the green Cyber-Brains will patrol and sometimes the Overlord mind will play tricks on you by teleporting a wall to another location or by slowing you down with its force fields.
✔ innovative and intuitive control
✔ three Meander Commander special moves!
✔ three types of enemies with distinctive AI
✔ unique gameplay, smooth and responsive, at 60 fps
✔ hours of playing to complete the 39 levels of increasing difficulty (for each of the 6 modes, amounting to a total of 234 mode-levels!).
✔ realistic physics
✔ beautiful graphics
✔ ranking system
✔ universal app