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Medical Genomics Ltd is a trusted and ethical provider of genetic testing services in the UK, Europe and other regions of the world. Being at the front line of genetic research at Medical Genomics we see our mission in building life-long relationship with happy and satisfied customers who would benefit from our products and services
Our laboratory offers world's most accurate parentage (paternity and maternity) testing as well as an extensive range of DNA tests for kinship determination, including twins (zygocity), siblingship, cousinship, avuncular and grand parentage among others. We also offer genealogical tests which allow tracing paternal and maternal lineages as well as look into one’s ethnic background.
Our competitive prices make the tests affordable to anyone who requires them.
You can get information about the specific test and order it from within the app. A DNA collection kit will be dispatched to you within the next working day. After receiving your samples results will be ready within 7-10 working days (for most types of tests) and then emailed and posted to you to the address you indicated.
For legal professionals we offer dedicated DNA expert witness services. We will guide you through DNA evidence in your particular case, help you to understand how DNA evidence was obtained, whether it can be interpreted in a way different form that of the prosecution expert, explain what is the significance and the probative value of the evidence and how it can be successfully challenged in court in order to minimize its impact or even dismiss it completely. We will also provide expert witness testimony in court should this be required.
Our paramount goal is to provide high quality services which will deliver satisfaction to our clients. Capitalising on skills and expertise of our people we build the leading global genetic testing service.
DNA tests currently offered by Medical Genomics:
Paternity testing
Maternity testing
Twins (zygocity) testing
Full siblingship testing
Half siblingship testing
Avuncular testing
Cousinship testing
Grandparentage testing
Y chromosome testing
mtDNA testing
Paternal linage testing
Maternal linage testing
Ethnicity testing
Human DNA identification
Forensic DNA analysis