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Intro to Dreamweaver CS5 HD

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Adobe Authorized Training Provider, Train Simple, includes over 9 hours of training videos broken into several different chapters on how to master Adobe Dreamweaver. This course works for Dreamweaver CS5 and Dreamweaver CS6

Understanding Dreamweaver

What is Dreamweaver?
Website Structure
Defining a Site
Interface Overview
Properties Inspector
Preview in Browser

Getting Started with Dreamweaver

New Documents
New Document Preferences
Starter Layouts
Starter Layouts for Site Design
HTML Structure
Title a Document
Working with Lists
Getting Text in Dreamweaver

Getting Started with CSS

What is CSS
CSS Code Preferences
Element Selectors
Element Selectors pt.2
Descedant Selectors
Export Styles, Attach Style Sheets
CSS Panel, Etc.
Code Navigator
CSS Enable

Working with Text

Understanding em's
Font Stacks
Custom Font Options
Sizing Text
Line Height
Vertical Margins
Text align
Text Transform

Working with Images

The Assets Panel
Insert Images
Accessibility Preferences
JavaScript Rollovers
Image Placeholders
Default Images Folder
Image Properties
External Editors
Insert PSD files
Roundtrip Photoshop edits
Styling Images with CSS
Background Images


Understanding Hyperlinks
Relative Link Preferences
Creating Links
Absolute Links
Named Anchors
External Named Anchors
E-mail Links
Image Maps
Pseudo Selectors Overview
CSS-Based Rollovers

CSS-Based Layouts

Understanding CSS Structure
Understanding the Box Model
Box Model Properties pt.1
Box Model Properties pt.2
Understanding Floats
Floats Applied
Clear Property
Relative Positioning
Absolute Positioning
Two Column Layout
Common Layouts

Adding, Styling, Positioning Content

Adding Content to the Page
Styling Content
Styling the Footer
Current Page Element
Styling Sidebar
3 Box HTML Structure
Styling 3 Box Layout
Creating a Secondary Page
Working with Tables
Import Tabular Data

Video and Flash

Insert swf
SWF properties
Flash fallback
Flash Roundtrip Editing
Insert Flash Video
Embed YouTube Video

Site Management

Sitewide Reports
Broken Links
Browser Compatibility
Adobe Browser Lab
Spell Checker
Configure Remote Servers
Uploading and Managing Files
Where to go from Here