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LOST SKY: Airborne Elegy

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Long long times ago, there was a planet 54 million light years away from the earth, and it was a real estate on the planet. After years and years building flats and houses on the planet, they ran out of resources. Therefore, the real estate start to discover resources in the outer space......

In the year 1930, this alien real estate land on the earth quietly, but they were caught by human! And were made into specimen. Their spaceship, of cause, was broken down by human and hidden in a secret facility......

a few years later, a nation rise, their technology was so incredible that no one had ever seen......

At the same time, the aliens knew about their people die on the earth, they felt the thread from human, and they start building war machines......

In the year 1944, while human were fighting each other, they were coming......

To defense the alien invasion, the Space Laser Fence (SLF) is our last hope, SLF could reflect the missile, nuclear warhead and destroy ray from the alien spacecraft. But the SLF needs power to be activated, and every SLF you create in the space can only exists for a short time. You’re in charge of the SLF system, rebound the gunfire to eliminate the alien spacecrafts.

How to play
Tap the screen and slide your finger to make Space Laser Fence, the fence will rebound the gunfire. Just make sure the rebounded gunfire destroy all the enemies.

-Brand new game play.
-Ask your friends or families to join the game, 2 people play it, more fun!
-40 levels with different difficulties.
-Limit Mode: to see how long you can survive.
-Upload Scores: to send your limit mood scores to our website, to see are you the top players.
-You could read the story on the loading section, just to know what was happen in 1945.