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Hands-On Math Color Tiles

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Hands-On Math: Interactive Color Tiles provides students with an open-ended tool for exploring fundamental math concepts.

The use of a Color Tiles is one of the best ways to give students an insight into a variety of important mathematical topics. Students place Color Tiles on an interactive Playground to represent mathematical ideas.

Using Hands-On Math: Interactive Color Tiles students can develop and explore a variety of important mathematical concepts.

Very young children can learn positional terms such as above, below, right,and left while creating colorful designs.

Equivalency and related concepts for example, equal to, not equal, more, less, greater than, and less than are easily represented using Color Tiles.

The basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can all be represented using Color Tiles. Visualizing the meaning of these operations is a fundamental skill.

More advanced ideas such as working with integers, fractions, decimals and percents are topics including in the lesson strategies.

Color Tiles are especially well suited for introducing symmetry and asymmetry.

Fact familes can be studied using two different Color Tiles to represent sets.

An extensive Instructor's Guide for this app is available at the support website. Download the document and install it in iBooks to access ideas about how to use Color Tiles for teaching elementary mathematics.