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NYC Station Finder

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NYC Station Finder will help you get where you’re going in New York City. Find station entrances with the Augmented Reality Station Finder. Figure out how to get from here to there with Offline Route Planning.

- Find the nearest subway stations just by holding up your iPhone
- Find all subway station entrances, including those offering handicap access
- Find your route, even when underground and without connectivity
- Integration with street maps to help you get your bearings
- Get up to the minute service alerts

Augmented Reality Station Finder

Launch the Station Finder, and then just hold up your phone to use your iPhone’s GPS and compass to show you where entrances are. Entrances might be hidden in the side of a building or on the next block. We’ll show you as precisely as your GPS/compass allows where the entrances are, so you can get there with a minimum of fuss.

In addition, tap an entrance bubble to bring up details for the station, the entrance, view a map of the area that includes your location and the entrance location, and even start planning your route right from there. The Station Finder will even help you find which entrances have handicap access.

Offline Route Planning

Use our Route Planner while you’re in the tunnels underground. Other applications require you to have a 3G connection to perform route finding, and where do you need route finding the most? When you are already in the train and can’t get a signal. Our Route Finder will save you from having to leave the station just to get to the street (and find out that you needed to stay on the same train you were already on anyway)!

The NYC subway is a beautiful, yet complicated system, and you don’t always know how to get to that concert, restaurant, boxing match, three ring circus, or protest. Let our Route Planner tell you the quickest way to get from here to there. Don’t take that local 6 train for 20 stations, get on the express! Route Planner will keep you moving fast so you don’t waste time zig-zagging across town.