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Free JLPT Vocabulary Quiz App N1 N2 N3 N4 N5

iPhone / iPad
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"I bought the application & am using it on my iPad. It's really cool! Until I can clear all 10, I can't move on! What a brilliant idea! Wish I had this 6 months earlier! Would have definitely passed N2!! Studying for it even a little will improve my kanji level & hopefully I'll pass the JLPT next June!!"

- S. Mahmood, Japan


If you want to ramp up on fast on Japanese vocabulary, or if you are preparing for any level of the Jlpt, then KanjiSoft's JLPT Vocabulary Quiz Game is just what you're looking for!

A Spaced Repetition System schedules words for review based on the speed on which you answer the questions. You can enable this option in the "Settings" view.

New! Professional audio of both Japanese and English pronunciations for levels 4 and 5.

Study while on the go with this multiple choice quiz-game that contains the vocabulary for JLPT N1, JLPT N2, JLP2 N3, JLPT N4 and JLPT N5.

The vocabulary is arranged in increasing order of difficulty, based on frequency of use. So you learn the most important words first.

The first 100 words of each level are free! The rest can be purchased directly from the application for a nice, cheap price.

Three quiz types are supported - English to Japanese, Japanese to English and the original Kanji to Hiragana.

To make what might be a dull chore much more interesting, the quiz is structured as a game. When you press "Start", you are presented with a multiple choice quiz consisting of 10 questions. If you get all 10 questions right, you advance to the next level! Just keep on going to you get them all right.

Japanese graphics and art give the game a Japanese look and feel designed to add to your enjoyment of learning Japanese vocabulary.

A settings view lets you chose the range of words you want to review, the quiz type and any of the five JLPT Levels - N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5.

Get a jump on your Japanese vocabulary with the JLPT Vocabulary Quiz Game!