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Affordable foods

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Since ancient times, with countries attach great importance to food, with affordable food will promote nutrient absorption, in good health; with phase g will destroy the nutritional value, impact absorption, and even lead to disease or lead poisoning. Only on the basis of food properties and their own circumstances and reasonable arrangements for meals, benefits or reduce the evils in order to live science, nutrition, eat, eat healthy.

With the pursuit of healthy living, on the issue of food with everyone paying attention to it, and we often make mistakes on the food cards, such as:

Milk and egg with water;
Green onion tofu;
Milk and chocolate with water;
Spinach tofu soup;
White radish carrot;

In order to facilitate people with knowledge about food, fast and affordable check grams of food, we give us some "food affordable and which overcomes" this APP. It is not only the pursuit of healthy living people, also in line with the science of food door housewife requirements, is a living and practical software.

Main functions:
1 query affordable food
2 grams of food inquiry
3 grams of food with affordable graphic
4 multi-language version