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NOTE: In order to use this app, you currently need a Swedish mobile number. Super easy time reporting with automatic positioning, map function and notes! Nuba is also a staff ledger, fully compliant with Skatteverket rules and regulations. You won't find a more user friendly and capable solution, without any additional hardware needed. Nuba is a completely new way to manage time reporting. No one will question whether you are where you're supposed to be, since Nuba will verify your position when checking in or out. Reporting time is as simple as it gets - when you get to work, you choose location and press "Check in" and when you leave work, you open Nuba and press "Check out". Done! Please note that Nuba also has an SMS-function for employees without smartphones! Nuba has tons of functionality to facilitate the daily work, such as: Write and send notes,functions for various reminders to check in- and out, road directions to locations added in Nuba, location information, see reported time etc. As an employer, you will no longer have to think about whether their staff is on site and working - with Nuba you can also get a push notification whenever someone comes to or leaves work, and you can see a "right now"-status with time and position at check-in or check-out for everyone on the team. On our web site, you can easily administer your team and work locations. You can swiftly produce clear and good looking personnel- location- and time reports that make your administration a lot smoother. EASY AND RELIABLE * Just check in and out when starting and ending work * Reminders to check in or out when leaving or coming back to a location * Position when checking in and out * Write notes function for work periods * Show staff ledger. Upon inspection, any staff member currently checked in can provide the staff ledger to the Skatteverket personnel. * Add new locations and get directions to locations added to Nuba * See time report for the user * See upcoming schedule As a Leader/Administrator: * Dashboard status for the team * Configure if you want to get a notification when someone checks in or out * Call to team members from within the app * Add new locations and get directions to locations added to Nuba In order to use our app, you'll need a Nuba account. If your user account is created by someone at your workplace, you'll get an SMS with a password in order to get started. IMPORTANT Nuba will retrieve your location every time you check in or out. Your location will never be reported when you're checked out. The app uses the built-in capabilities on your smartphone to determine location. For best result, have wifi and GPS turned on.