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Roll Up, Roll Up, the Circus is in Town - Starring the AcroBats.

Take on the roll of an AcroBat performing their mind blowing acrobatics in a circus ring. Your team of five AcroBats will need to complete each act. You can help them to bounce, swing, rotate and fly through the air to land safely. Score points for each safe landing, and bonus points for each life saved at the completion of each act.

You will control five different coloured acrobats, and the aim is to launch the acrobats into the air and land safely.

There are five different ways to launch the acrobats, and you have control of the speed they jump at, and the angle at which they travel.

They will be using a Springboard, Trapeze, Overhead bar, Seesaw and Trampoline,

You will help the AcroBats to land on five perches to hang from, swing from five top trapezes, to form a stack of six acrobats and to hang from a tightrope wheel.

Giving you Twenty different Acts to complete. You will have four different ways to control the action.

MANUAL (easy mode) the angle is set by the direction of an arrow at the centre of the screen. By placing your finger on or near the arrow, you can raise or lower the arrow angle by moving your finger up or down.

TILT (harder mode) the angle is set by the rotation of the device you are playing on, i.e. tilt to the left or right, will rotate the arrow.

AUTOMATIC (hardest mode) the angle is set by the program, moving the angle all the time, so it’s a case of jumping at the right moment.

PROGRESSIVE (combination mode) the angle is set by manual then tilt and finally automatic as you progress through the show, after you complete each twenty acts.

You start with 100 acrobats and if you miss a safe landing a life is lost. When all lives are used up the show is over and your score will be added to the high score table (if high enough).

Compete to get the highest score. It can be easy to play, successfully achieving the completion of each level, or much more difficult using the automatic mode.
AcroBats is a game that involves timing, judging the correct jumping angle, estimating the right speeds to jump at and requires good hand eye coordination. The game uses touch controls for tapping, swiping and rotating.

Fun for all ages and abilities.