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Eye Test Free - Snellen Chart / Ishihara Test

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Medical
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2 simple, helpful but effective tools to helps support eye test.

Colour blind test:
10 colour test plates to choose from.
Reveal the hidden number with the reveal button.
Move forward and backward using the navigation buttons.

Visual Acuity / Snellen Test.
Stand the individual 4 feet away from the device and ask them to recite as many letters as possible.

Please note that these tools provided in this app are used at your own risk and we do not make any claim as to their effectiveness as a testing tool. You should always seek the advice of a trained professional where possible.

No test results are generated from this application and as a result, you should draw your own conclusions from the tests you carry out. If you are in any doubt or are concerned with some of these tests, you must consult a trained professional.