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the insect master

iPhone / iPad
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the insect master
Steal from other players insects! Get your game social apps killing insect pests rare!

"The Insect Master" is aimed at killing the pests with a high score is a social game application to get a rare insect.
The 20 stages in all, challenging pest extermination mission to rid pests.
From results of the mission determines the insects can get.
When an insect gets traction in the mission will be able to intercept the insects from the competition.
A successful intercept can GET wanted insects.
Conversely, it may be to intercept the target insect, insects will collect items such as defense, while defense.
Repeat missions and pre-emption, if possible to collect the insects of five wonderful, the stage can be cleared.
Number of stages is 20 stages in total.
We aim to complete the 100 kinds of insects.

"The Insect Master" Key features of the

* Mission pest extermination

In trying to kill pests looming swatter!
Then you can GET HIT bonus is continuous. Let down timely!
One minute time limit expires or is terminated and the durability of the fly swatter goes to zero.
From the results presented results of the mission determines the insects can GET.

* For pre-emption

You can also intercept the insects from the competition.
In the basic pre-emption pre-emption is a basic attack power and the power of the number of insects that are in possession of the stage (defense) will be.
Higher power values ​​are as rare insects.
And if you support the power consumption can increase the attack power.
Consumption (0 to 100%) After selecting the starting intercept! (Life-consuming one.)
GET A successful intercept insects presented the results!
It may be revenge, defending, etc. I usually let items.

* Profile information

- User Favorites
Users can see the favorites. You can register up to 100 people.
- Collection
You can see the collection of insects.
- List of Items
Mission and you can see the item you won or purchased.
- Shop
You can purchase items such as fly swatter.
- Logging support message board
Fill in your own message board, you can check the log for support.
- Profile of others
Users are added to your favorites Bookmark this.
- To support
Increases the power of mutual support. (Once daily).
- Write a message
Leave a message to other message board.

* For items

- Fly swatter
Can be used in the mission. Depending on the flapper, and change the number of defense and attack range, you can proceed with the game in favor.
- Defense Items
Prevent competitors from stealing item. The effect varies depending on the type of item strength.
- Item Recovery
Life support and power to recover. Could you clear a mission, etc.. Can not be bought in shops.

* Shop for

"Chip won" or "buy coins" can be used to buy items.
Select an item to buy, "buy" button please.

* For Gacha

Shop from this page, you can play with Gachagacha. GET your own items using coins Gachagacha!
Only one coin is paid daily limit is five.
If you play a lot, use a coin to buy, you can only charge Gachagacha coins.

* Twitter!/mushitori_meiji