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WineTool is the innovative App designed to create and evaluate wine-food pairings. It’s also the only App developed using scientific criteria based on the “Mercadini Method”, a system recognised and utilised by the most famous sommeliers.

It’s really easy to use WineTool: just enter the organoleptic parameters in the relative control points and the wine-food diagram and evaluation will immediately appear.

WineTool also lets you edit the results of the wine-food pairing diagram in real time.

Download WineTool now and find the perfect combination of your favourite foods and wines!

WineTool is easy, fast and elegant.

WineTool is a very reliable and accurate tool in the hands of the taster. This App allows sector specialists and all those who love good taste to find the right wine-food combination and create a harmonious balance for the palate.
The work space of the Mercadini Method is a diagram with ten concentric circles. The levels of intensity increase as you move away from the centre (zero) of the circle.
The first step is to evaluate the perception of each taste parameter.
Then you enter the values in the graphic interface using simple gestures. In this way you form two polygons that graphically represent the harmony level of the pairing.

While the result is processed using the scientific principles of correspondence and contrast between food and wine, the final decision is always left up to the taster.
The result must be interpreted and evaluated according to your senses and experience.

This version introduces exciting Pro features (available in app purchase) like pairing sharing, print the detailed pairing, projecting the graph on a secondary display or Apple TV.