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Math Mate - Multiplication Division

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Math Mate is designed to make you a math wizard in no time. It is a fun way to master those tiring and stressful multiplications and divisions which are quite time consuming
First you will be provided with a choice to select either Multiplication or Division. After selecting either of the 2 options, you will be shown 2 figures on top and four options in colorful balloons to select the correct answer. Tap to pop the balloon with the correct answer and learn Mathematics in the easiest way ever possible.

This Educational Application has 3 difficulty levels as described below:

→ Beginner
This level is designed to aid kids in learning the basics of Math, by providing 2 single digit numbers for multiplications or divisions, in the simplest way.

→ Intermediate
Taking a step further, this level is designed to help both kids and adults in learning multiplication or division between dual digit numbers. Calculations between dual digit numbers are necessary not only during the educational years but also in household and professional activities.
→ Expert
You are now ready to take challenges as experts. This level will make both Kids and Adults math experts by teaching multiplications & divisions between 3 digit numbers which are very complex to calculate orally.

Your score will be displayed once you have answered all 20 query questions for you to improve your math quotient and become a master of numbers.
So, buckle up to play while you learn & learn while you play.

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