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Mobile Switcher Controller MSC-100 is application for control matrix switcher by IMAGENICS.
In combination with switcher, you can switch in a cross-point over the wireless.
You can also preview the video signals are input to the switcher.

- You can switch the switcher crosspoint while while viewing the preview.
- You can call a cross-point memory that are stored on the switcher.
- You can preview images that are input to the switcher up to 36 channels.
(on still image)
- If you choose to hold on to images that are input to the switcher(input channnel buttons), you can preview it to expand to full screen.
(on motion-Jpeg movie)
- You can choose the screen layout of input channel buttons.
(number of input channnel buttons: 2, 4, 9, 16, 36)

- In order to use this application, the activation process and enter the license key is required.
During the certification process of the license, you must request a key that is displayed when it is not already activated.
For more information about the licensing certification process, please contact us.
- To see a preview, a video server (camera servers, network video encoder) and a converter to convert the video signal corresponding to a video server that uses a video signal switchers is required.
Verified video servers
- AXIS 241Q
- ASIS Q7401
*Supported movie codec on MSC-100 is motion-Jpeg only.
*Please contact us for get infomation about supported video servers.(other products by same manufacturer on the list)
- In order to view the preview screen, and occupies one of the switcher output channel.
- Specified output channel for previews is not eligible for cross-point switching.
- Crosspoint switching response, update the preview interval, and frame rate during the preview input channel to expand to full screen depends on the availability of network bandwidth and communication.

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