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"We explore, fight, mine and trade. It's the only way to survive, Galaxix..."

Welcome, Pilot... To the lawless, dog eat dog solar system of Galaxix! - We hope you’ll survive. Most don't.

If you do, maybe you will rise above the privateers, pirates and corporations intent on stealing what's yours and take it from them instead! - Good luck, you're going to need it.

Trading, ship to ship combat, asteroid mining and a good dose of luck. These are just some of the skills you will need to rise from the ashes of your “rust bucket” of a space ship, and trade your way through the universe, building up a personal fortune, reputation, and defences while battling the corporations, privateers, sharks, and anyone else trying to take them from you.

As you progress, you can upgrade to better, faster and more reliable ships. Bounty hunting, asteroid mining, or trading anything from water to computers, jewellery to weapons. Kit your ship out with, lasers, homing missiles, particle weapons and shields.

Bask in the glory as you become a dominant force in the galaxy. But be careful, each action you take increases the bounty on your head and there are many who will thrive at a chance to take it all away from you.

Galaxix features a fully open play area. Go where ever you want with 1,000,000 sectors to explore. Fight when you have to, trade when you need to, go asteroid mining if you want to. It's your choice, your destiny and ultimately, your fate.

*NOTE* : If you are having trouble launching Galaxix, close any open apps or restart your device to free up available memory.