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Stories of The Prophets in Al-Quran 2

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Stories of The Prophets in Al-Quran 2 by Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan


Contain 10 Chapters

1 - Lut (AS) and the Destruction of Sodom
2 - The Two Blessed Sons of Ibrahim
3 - Prophet Shu’aib (AS) and the People of Madyan
4 - Surah Yusuf: The Most Detailed Account of a Prophet
5 - Yusuf (AS) Faces His Greatest Trial
6 - From Prison to Fulfillment of His Dream
7 - The Hallmark of Patience
8 - Companions of Al-Ras
9 - Companion of the Big Fish
10 - The Messengers in Surah Yasin

Contains 7 audio lectures by Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan himself

1 - Yusuf (AS) cont
2 - Yusuf (AS) cont. & Ayub (AS)
3 - Ayub (AS) cont., Dul Kifil (AS), Yunus (AS) & Shuaib (AS)
4 - Shuaib (AS) cont., The Three Messengers, Habib Najjar & Birth of Musa (AS)
5 - Miracles of Musa (AS) & His Ascension in Madyan
6 - Musa (AS) cont., The Exodus & The end of Fir'aun
7 - Musa (AS) cont., The Seventy Men & His Encounter with Al Khidir

Al-Quran and the various books of Hadith form the main references of this work, Other references are also made to the trusted works of tafseer (commentaries) written by scholars like ibn Katheer and ibn Jarir. Ibn Katheer’s classical work on a similar topic is also referenced. We have been meticulous in abstaining from using narrations found in the historical works based upon weak Hadith, or those taken from the Old or New Testaments. The verses of al-Quran quoted in this book are taken, with minor modifications, from Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s English translation, New Revised Version, 1989.

With this apps it will let you to :-
- Read the chapters.
- Make as a favorite chapters.
- Listen to the audio reader that reads chapters (Just click the Read button on every chapters then it will read the chapter for you).

Wassalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan