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Laokang® Tone Trainer

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Master Chinese Tones. You can, and you will, with Laokang Tone Trainer. For students of Mandarin Chinese at all levels, this app patiently trains your tones step by step until you are proficient. Soon, you will amaze your teachers and friends with your clear and consistent tones.

Laokang is a non-native speaker who learned tones as a young adult, and now teaches Chinese at Wheaton College near Chicago. He developed an original method for coaching tones while living in China over the last 25 years. The key features are:

1. You use tones in every English sentence, therefore you have the innate ability to use Chinese tones too.
2. Tones are learned in two-syllable words, where the contrast between the two is better grasped.
3. The app trains with “ma ma” in 20 different intonations; even beginning students can use it, as no vocabulary, characters or pinyin is required.
4. When you can hear all 20 two-tone combinations readily, you are ready to work on pronunciation.
5. The app tracks your progress with short quizzes at every step.
6. Learn from your mistakes: compare your recordings with the correct answer as often as necessary.
7. The diagnostic test takes only 2 minutes, and allows you to track progress and spot problems. It tests accuracy and speed.
8. Through training your reaction time will speed up, improving your Laokang Tone score.
9. Updated version now incorporates different colors and capitalization for each tone which gives visual learners a big boost.

This app is a must for all non-native students of Chinese with a will to improve their Chinese.



1. 你在说英语时使用声调;你有能力在说汉语时也使用声调。
2. 声调的学习和练习是以双音节词为单位的,两个声调的区别显而易见。
3. 当你可以毫无困难的听这20个声调组合时,你就可以纠正自己的发音。
4. 从你的错误中学习,对比你的答案和标准答案。
5. 这种诊断测试检测你的准确率和速度,只需要2分钟,可以让你追踪到自己的学习进展,发现自己的问题所在。
6. 通过训练自己的反应速度可使你更快地提高“老康声调得分”。
7. 本测试使用了20个发音为"ma-ma"不同声调组合,初学者也可以使用,不需要掌握任何字词或者拼音。